To steam vegetables in the Appetite Automatic Pap Maker, please follow these  instructions:

  1. Add Water: Fill the inner pot of the pap maker with an appropriate amount of water, ensuring it falls within the specified range of minimum of 500ml.

  2. Insert Steamer Basket: Place a steamer basket or rack inside the inner pot, positioning it above the water level. This arrangement elevates the vegetables and facilitates even steam circulation. Be mindful to utilize steam racks or baskets that fit the inner pot, preferably with a diameter below 20cm.

  3. Prepare Vegetables: Thoroughly wash the vegetables and cut them into uniform pieces. This practice promotes consistent cooking throughout the steaming process. Suitable options for steaming include broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, asparagus, and green beans.

  4. Steam Time: Arrange the prepared vegetables in the steamer basket, ensuring they are not excessively crowded. Remove the stirrer from the lid and securely close the pap maker's lid. Alternatively, compatible 5L pot lids can be utilized.

  5. Set Cooking Time: Select the manual function on the pap maker and press the "TIMER" button to establish the desired steam time. Typically, a cooking duration of 10-15 minutes suffices, though adjustments may be necessary based on vegetable type and desired tenderness. Allow for a preheat time of 5-10 minutes.

  6. Commence Cooking: Initiate the cooking process by pressing "OK." Adjust the heat level using the "+" and "-" keys, taking into account that higher heat levels expedite steaming. For optimal results, set the heat level between 600 to 800 for steaming. Regularly monitor the steaming progress every 10 minutes to prevent complete water evaporation. The vegetables should attain a tender texture while retaining a slight crunch.

Warning: Avoid utilizing the 1100 heat level for steaming purposes. Additionally, never leave the pap maker unattended during the steaming process.

  1. Season and Serve: Once the vegetables are adequately steamed, exercise caution while using tongs or oven mitts to remove the steamer basket from the inner pot. Enhance the flavors by seasoning the vegetables with salt, pepper, or other preferred seasonings. Optionally, drizzle them with olive oil or a squeeze of lemon juice to introduce additional layers of taste.

  2. Enjoy: Serve the steamed vegetables as a delectable side dish or incorporate them into various recipes. Their delightful flavors and nutritional value make them a valuable addition to any meal.

Enjoy your steamed vegetables prepared with the Appetite Automatic Pap Maker!

The Manual Function - Different Heat Levels and Their Functions:




Keep warm / Low Temp Sous Vide Mode (45C – 50C)


Slow Cooking "Low" setting / High Temp Sous Vide Mode


Slow Cooking "High" setting (Slow Simmer)


Stove heat level 1


Stove heat level 2


Stove heat level 3


Stove heat level 4


Stove heat level 5


Stove heat level 6


Stove heat level 7