The manual function of the Automatic Pap Maker empowers you to take control of your cooking process. It allows you to customize and experiment with various cooking techniques and heat levels, enabling you to explore a wide range of culinary possibilities. From slow cooking to sous vide, and even emulating stove heat levels, the manual function offers a world of creative opportunities.

The different settings in the Manual Function and their functions:

Display Functions
100 Keep warm
200 Slow Cooking "Low" setting / Sous Vide Mode (temperature: 45 - 49°C)
300 Slow Cooking "Medium" setting / Sous Vide Mode (temperature: 74 - 79°C)
400 Slow Cooking "high" setting
500 Stove heat level 1
600 Stove heat level 2
700 Stove heat level 3
800 Stove heat level 4
900 Stove heat level 5
1000 Stove heat level 6